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A treat of Halo-Halo

What could be more satisfying than eating a Halo-halo in summer? For those whom may have not heard of Halo-Halo, it is a favourite Filipino dessert or snack. It is a mixture of sweet preserved beans, coconut meat, jackfruit, pounded dried rice, sweet yam, and cream flan, shreds of sweetened plantain filled with crushed ice, milk, and topped with ice cream. In Malaysia, a similar dessert to Halo-Halo is known as “Ais Kacang”. Try Halo-Halo today & taste its sweetness. So what are you waiting for? Let’s fly to the Philippines!


Halo-Halo Recipe

Below is the method on how to prepare a Halo-Halo:


2 each tb grated coconut or makapuno prese, rve

2 each tb papaya sheds

1/2 cup melon shreds

2 each tb langka (fresh or preserve)

1 each tb ubi

1 each tb kaong 2 tsp sugar

1/4 cup evaporated milk

1 crushed ice


First, combine any 4 of the first 6 ingredients in a glass. Then, fill up with crushed ice. Add sugar and evaporated milk. For a special Halo-halo, use a banana float dish. Top Halo-halo with 1 scoop ice-cream & cherry. Use ripe, firm fruits. Use macapuno scraper or grater to get shreds. There are also readymade mixed fruits available in a bottle called Halo-Halo mixes, in various bottles, with beans and corn, etc

Try it and have a great time eating it on a hot day! Enjoy! =)


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