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The Dabb


Did you know that the “Dabb” is one of the lizard species that live around the dessert areas? This fat-tailed lizard lives on the plains and it is about 3 ½ feet in length. Since this creature is a vegetarian, you don’t have to be scared of it. After all, it won’t bite because it has toothless jaws!

What I like about this creature is that it has such flat body that I find quite funny yet amazing. You don’t see many lizards with flat bodies; I think these creatures are so unique and adorable. I know a lot of people who hate lizards for different reasons; sometimes I get annoyed by them too. I may not be a big fan of the lizard family, but I don’t really agree to their slaughtering. This poor innocent animals are killed for its meat and for medicinal purposes. Check out how these creatures are slaughtered:

First of all, they are captured. For your information, these creatures are difficult to catch. It’s a competent athlete and won’t give up that easily! =D


This is how it looks like after it’s cooked:


 This looks like a Dabb Kabbsa.

These lizards love to bask in the sun early in the morning. They will try their best to stay close with each other and hide themselves from predators. There are ways to find and force them to get out of their hidden ground. This is how the Arabians capture the Dabb:

You will notice that the Dabb’s hiding ground is flooded with water. This forces the creature to come out of the ground. Once it gets out from the ground, the catcher quickly grabs it and then slaughters it for its meat. I’ve never tried the Dabb’s meat, and am not sure if i should eat it for the sake of trying something exotic. But, one thing for sure is that the Dabb’s meat is not the only lizard meat that is made into a delicacy. There are a lot of lizard delicacies from all around the world. I assume that the meat tastes good. What about you? Have you tried it? If you have, let me know! Anyway, I am aware that these creatures were killed back then because there was not much to eat around the dessert (back then people would eat anything for survival).

Here is a video of a girl trying to catch a Dabb. The Dabb looks pretty exhausted but the girl looks excited and energetic indeed!

Enjoy! =D


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