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Data Roaming is a Mobile Criminal

ImageMany have yet to understand what roaming is all about. This has created frustrations among mobile users who accidentally roamed abroad, with or without even knowing it.

Roaming is a term used in the telecommunication industry to refer to the extension of the connectivity service in a location different from the location of the home where the service was registered. Roaming charges refers to the telecommunication charges charged when mobile users make and receive calls outside their local network regions. Although many complaints have been made with regards to this matter, this phantom menace is still on the go.

Due to expensive global roaming charges, mobile users are always too afraid to use their mobile phones whenever they travel abroad. The data charges nightmare continues to haunt them once they have been bitten by it. Telcos all around the world are also trying to solve this in order to maintain good relationship with their customers. Many customers from all over the world have faced high telephone bills after foul of current high roaming charges, making them tired of being ripped off.

In Hong Kong, roaming charges issue is also frequently reported. Due to that, the Hong Kong Consumer Council advised mobile companies to always notify their customers of the existence of roaming charges. 172 complaints have been reported during the first four months of 2011 and the highest amount reported was HK$45,960.

Previously, a woman surnamed Kwok was charged for data charges when she travelled out of China. She claimed that she has already subscribed a day-based service for overseas data roaming with a daily charge of HK$120. Unfortunately, the plan did not cover roaming charges in Switzerland and Israel. She was then charged HK$16,000.

In the US, a South Florida woman was reported of being charged $200,000 on her roaming bills. Celina Aarons has two deaf brothers, so texting is how she keeps in touch with them. Her younger brother, Sharmir, went to Canada for a two-week holiday and happened to roam which eventually led to the high roaming charges.


Remember, Always be careful! Don’t be a victim!


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