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1. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland


This beautiful castle is said to be haunted. Many claimed that there are echoes of the dead from the castle’s empty hall and narrow streets. Back then, people were put under quarantine and there have been reports about ghost dogs, headless drummer, and souls of the prisoners. Edinburgh itself is famous as the most haunted place in Europe. These unrest spirits have been haunting visitors and no one knows exactly when they’ll ever stop.

2. Ohio University, Athens, America


The Ohio University is well-known for being the most haunted college campus. According to the British Society for Psychical Research, Athens, Ohio, is one of the most haunted places in the world. There is tale of a girl, who was probably a witch too, who killed herself after she had written satanic things on the wall with her own blood! There are 5 cemeteries that form a pentagram, surrounding the campus, with the university’s administrative building being at the centre of the devil sign. Sounds creepy? Yes, indeed. There was another story too; a patient suddenly disappeared and was found 5 weeks later. Her body decomposed onto the floor and left a stain that outlines her body! If you don’t believe it, you can witness it yourself at the Ohio University.

3. The Balete Drive


Balete Drive, Quezon City is well-known for its horrific tales. A movie called Peque Gallaga’s Hiwaga sa Balete Drive was inspired by this Balete Drive in 1988. Wonder where did it get its name? It got its name after the balete trees, which are known to be homes of paranormal beings. It is said that a white lady haunts the road at night and she would appear in the taxi’s backseats. Some say that she was raped & killed by a taxi driver. Scary? Yes, it is!

4. The Old Changi Hospital


The Old Changi Hospital was built in 1930’s and it is rich with its interesting history. The hospital is now left abandoned and a new Changi General Hospital was built to replace it, with more world-class equipments and facilities.  The Old Changi Hospital is said to be haunted and many claimed that they were not alone when visiting this quiet hospital. The Japanese armies were here from 1942-1945. During this period, many prisoners were brutally tortured. Up to this day, unrest spirits were said to be lingering around this old hospital. If you wish to experience the eerie feeling, NEVER go alone. Make sure you are accompanied by 2-3 friends. You’ll be surprised of how many eyes will be watching you.

5. Genting Highlands Theme Park


Genting Highlands, Malaysia is famous for its casino and exciting rollercoaster’s; but that’s just not it. This infamous theme park has its dark side as well. Many visitors claimed that they have witnessed a man in red, jumping off from the rooftop and vanished before he hits the ground. Some said that there are rooms that shall not be made available in whatever circumstances.

6. The House of Heredia


In Spain, the Cortijo Jurado or Casa Encantada is a 19th Century mansion that lies in ruins at the A-357 near Campanillas Village in the province of Malaga. It is well-known for being the most haunted place in the province. This mansion was owned by the Heredia family, who was once the wealthiest family of Andalucia. There are about 365 windows,that represent the days in a year. What actually happened here? Legend says that the Heredia family, together with some other rich families in the area had kidnapped young girls for their satanic rituals. The bodies of the victims were buried within the property. Up to this day, there are strange voices and paranormal activities going around this mysterious mansion.

7. The Bermuda Triangle


Infamous for its triangle shape and mysterious disappearance of ships and planes, this place is one place you wouldn’t wish to go! The Bermuda Triangle encompasses a triangle between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. It is called the “Devils Triangle” and many a lot of cases have been reported with regards to the disappearance of shipwrecks and planes passing the triangle. The secret of the Bermuda Triangle remains mysterious up to this day. Recently, scientists claimed that they have found a pyramid under the Bermuda Triangle. The Pyramid reached 300 meters in length and 200 meters in height. According to them, this pyramid is made of some sort of glass material. In term of size, it’s larger in scale than the Egyptian Pyramid! This is indeed a discovery

8. The Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital


The Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital has its own ghost stories. Some claimed that they have encountered spirits of dead people floating around the hospital. Among the popular claims, the doctor with a surgical knife is the most talked about story. It is said that this ghost doctor holds a surgical knife with his bloody hands and there is a ghost nurse who keeps reminding me if there is any patients going through emergency.


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