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It is a very funny experience to be sitting on a bamboo train. The thought of it makes me smile; looking at it is even more adorable! For those of you who would like to experience something different and unusual, you should take a trip on a bamboo train. Only in Cambodia, this train is unique in its own way. The bamboo train is one of the world’s all-time classic rail journeys and it runs southeast to O Sra Lav. Tourists love it, so do I.


I like the fact that this train will be dismantled whenever another train is coming from the opposite direction! The train with fewer passengers would have to be dismantled. You probably ask yourself “What happen if 2 trains accidentally meet each other and get into an accident?” This sounds dangerous, which is probably one of the reasons why this bamboo train might be banned from continuing its service. Oh no! Well, this problem is not impossible but the local conductors are responsible for the trains’ schedule. They know the time for each train to move and when they are expected to arrive or reach to a certain destination. You can also hear the tooting sound made by the train as it travels from a great distance. There is enough time for another train to be dismantled.


If you have never been on a bamboo train, do give it a try. I assure you that you will have a good time. You probably won’t get the chance to this next time. Grab the chance while you can! Cheers! =)


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