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Legendary places

1. Nohkalikai Falls


Did you know that the Nohkalikai Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in India? Can you imagine jumping down the cliff? Pretty extreme isn’t it? There’s a story behind it. According to a legend, a woman named Ka Likai remarried. But, her new husband was jealous of her love for her daughter. While Ka Likai was out working, her new husband killed her daughter and cooked her flesh into a meal. Her husband didn’t tell her the truth and before she went out, she decided to eat. After eating, she found her daughter’s fingers in the betel-nut basket. In despair, Ka Likai threw herself off this cliff giving the falls its name: “Fall of Ka Likai”.

2. Mount Ledang


The legend of the Gunung Ledang (Mount Ledang) is told from generation to generation in the Malay community. It tells a story of a princess that lived on Mount Ophir in Johor, Malaysia.

A long time ago, the beauty of the princess was heard by the Sultan and he wanted to marry her so badly, although she had set seven impossible conditions for him. The conditions were: 1) A golden bridge for her to walk to Malacca from the mountain 2) A silver bridge for her to return from Malacca to the mountain, 3) Seven barrels of tears (specifically tears from virgin girls) for her to bathe, 4) Seven barrels of young beetle nut juices from Betel Tree for her to bath, 5) Seven trays filled with hearts of germs, 6) Seven trays filled with hearts of mosquitoes, and 7) A bowl of the blood of the Sultan’s young son. He managed to fulfill all her “crazy” wishes except for the last condition, which is to offer his son as a sacrifice. She somehow knew that he could never grant this wish as his son was the only descendant of his very own empire at that time. I must say that she was indeed someone with beauty and brain =)

3. Egypt 


Egypt is a legendary place, with so much valuable history behind its civilization. This influential civilization had inspired the world we have today. The Egyptian’s civilization coalesced around 3150 BC with the political unification of the Upper and Lower Egypt under the first pharaoh. The Egyptians were good in math and science and one of the Egyptian’s most famous architectures is the Ancient Pyramid that you can see today. The life of the Egyptians’ Pharaoh is also another story past down from generation to generation.

4. Troy


Many of us have heard of the story of “Troy”, and a movie was also inspired from this legend. Troy is a Greek term to describe a city that was both factual and legendary. This city is now known as “Turkey”, on the southeast of the Dardanelles and beside Mount Ida. This place is the best setting of the Trojan war described in the Greek Epic Cycle.


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4 thoughts on “Legendary places

  1. Beautiful photos! I recently returned from six months in Meghalaya–very close to Nohkalikai Falls in Cherapunjee. I visited there several times. Did you get to the Living Bridges which are also in the area? Another magical place.

    • Thanks! Do follow my blog to check out my latest post. Well, that is a good suggestion. I can write it in my next post =) Wow, you must be an active traveller aren’t you? Travelling is fun indeed =D

      • I’m not so much an active traveler as an itinerant expat. I tend to go some place and stay for a long time. i do love to travel, too, though.

      • Same, i am the kind of person that likes to stay in one place for quite some time. I do love travel and I hope I can travel to Brunei and Indonesia this year =)

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