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Lend a hand to the children of Africa

ImageMost of us would think of poverty when we hear the word “Africa”. Yes, it is undeniable that the African children face challenges in life; lack of food, clean water, medical aid, clothing and proper housing contribute to their daily struggles. African children are beautiful, just like u and I. They are also like us who are trying to survive in this life filled with hardship. As survivors, we must also help these helpless kids to go through life. Let’s give them a beautiful life by lending our hands to help them. You can make a difference now. After all, sharing is caring.

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Here is a short poem by Olumide Damilusi:


Every single day in Africa

There’s a child out there

Who’s hungry and sick without meds.

And also without shelter and clothing

Needing for your love and succor

Every single day in Africa

A child goes hungry to bed

Looking badly malnourished and ill-fed

Not sure where and when the next meal comes

Lives in slums in unhygienic conditions

In a bid to break barriers and above par

Every single day in Africa

A child drops out of school

Due to Abject poverty and starvation

And an inability to pay school fees

Which results to disillusionment

Every single day in Africa

A child is psychologically abused

Sent out on the cold streets

To eke out out a living for his family

Inspite of very imminent dangers on his way

Every single day in Africa

A child wakes up to harsh realities

Sold into prostitution, slavery and crime

Against their own very wishes

To a world of hate and bestiality

Every single day in Africa

A child is faced with humiliation

Despair and suppression of own voices

He cant be heard and he’s preyed upon

In a world where he seeks protection and love

So many have lost hope.

Some have had their trust damaged

Some are living for the day

Waiting for what tomorrow brings

In a cruel world that care less

About the future of the Africa Child…




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