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Traditional Games in Malaysia

There are few traditional games played by children in Malaysia. Here are some of them:

1. Konda Kondi


Konda Kondi, also known as “Eye Perik” is a traditional game played by the children in Malaysia. It is also played in India, although its name may vary; it’s called  “kaunda kaundi”. This game can be played by at least two people.

This is how you play the game:

The game uses two sticks over 0.5 meters and a hole is dug in the ground as deep as 0.2 meters; and 0.2 meters wide as well. Timber is placed horizontally in the middle hole. A stick is used to pry up the wood, and then darted away from an opponent. It’s easy to play. Try it!

2. Congkak


Congkak is a famous game played in Malaysia and players use a wooden boat-shaped block with two rows of seven circular holes and two large holes at both ends called “home” to play this game. This is how it is played:

First, marbles are placed in each hole and the game begins when the first player takes the marbles from the first hole. He fills in each hole, including the “Home” hole with a marble and stops only when the next hole does not contain anymore marbles. Bear in mind that there are no marbles in “Home” when the game begins. This game requires 2 players and each player controls the 7 holes on his side and owns the “Home” on his left side. The player with the most marbles will win the game.

3. Batu Seremban


Batu Seremban, also known as Selambut or Serembat game is a favourite game played by the girls in Malaysia. I played it too and I must say that I was addicted to this game! Every evening, I would join my siblings. Wait, some boys actually played this too! So, let’s not discriminate anyone, shall we? =)

Well, this game is usually played in groups of 2-4 persons, sometimes more. Stones, Glass marbles and rubber seeds are used to play this game. As for me, I preferred stones. This game can be played anywhere, at home on the porch of the house or any flat surfaces you can find!

4. Teng-Teng


Teng-Teng is a famous traditional children’s game played in Malaysia. It is played by both male and female. This game is played by most girls; boys don’t really play it because it seems too soft for their gender. Basically, a line is drawn on the ground using the tip of a twig. Players will vote first before the game begins. “La lip long tam” is a method used to determine the person who will start the game and the following players’ turns. This is how the game is played: First, Players must jump into all the boxes with just one foot and they must not jump into any boxes that contain marbles. However, the person who starts the game must jump straight into the 3rd compartment, without stepping into the 2nd box. No players are allowed to step the line drawn on the ground; they are considered dead when they do so. Marbles must not touch the line too. Once the player reaches his “home”, he must not forget to step on his 2 legs or he will lose.

Try them and see if you will like them! Cheers =)




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