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A dining experience no one should ever miss

1. Body Sushi


To sushi lovers out there, there is a place where you can enjoy your favourite sushi served right on top of a woman’s body! This is called “Body Sushi” or “Nyotaimori” and can be found in the Japanese Geisha House in Japan! This restaurant is very rare, so do check it out! Let’s fly to Japan!

2. The Dark Restaurant

ImageDining in the dark wouldn’t be the most comfortable dine, but definitely the most unique! Whale inside the Dark Restaurant in Beijing and experience it yourself! Customers are welcomed in a luminous entrance hall and escorted by the restaurant’s waiters wearing night-vision goggles. You won’t be able to use any luminous sources such as mobile phones and lighters; you shall dine in darkness! Put Beijing into your travel calendar and take the dark tour with your friends and family this year!

3. Hobbit House

ImageNever underestimate the midgets because they are special in their own way. In Manila, there is a restaurant run by little people, called “Hobbit House”. It opened in 1973 along Mabini Sy., Malate and it is very famous among the locals and foreigners. The business has been pretty good over the years and the restaurant managed to open another branch in Boracay. Do check it out whenever you drop by to the Philippines. Trust me , you’ll love the food and the waiters!

4. Christian church


We have all sorts of restaurants but nothing beats the restaurant that serves in faith! In Shinjuku Japan, a Christian café is visited by the locals and tourists. You’ll notice that the café is designed in a Christian orthodox image, with statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary around the café.

5. Hitler Restaurant


In India, a Hitler themed restaurant was opened and it displays posters of German leader and Nazi Swastikas. The restaurant wants to be different; but they are not promoting Hitler. The restaurant wants to tell the public that everyone is different in their own ways, so was Hitler. The idea is good, but may not be pleasant for some people, especially the Jewish.

6. Dick’s Last Resort


Most of us are kinky in our own way, but that does not mean we are perverts! When I first heard about this restaurant, I couldn’t stop laughing because the thought of how the restaurant may look like tickles me a little. The Dick’s Last Resort is a small restaurant in the US that displays obscene and vulgar designs. If you want to dine and get shocked at the same time, come here. Don’t forget to bring your friends too, especially the good ones. Laugh out loud

7. Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant


Imagine yourself dining in a decent restaurant, enjoying your meals and as you are about to leave the restaurant, the waiter stops you to give you a piece of condom instead of mints! You probably think that he’s out of his mind. No, the waiter is trying to promote health and safety aspects to you apart from just serving you with excellent dishes! Located in Metropolitan Bangkok, this restaurant has attracted international attention which I believe you should visit as well. Don’t worry; the food won’t make you pregnant!

8. Dining in the sky


Dining in the sky sounds ridiculous, but it’s not! People have been doing this and you can find this around the world! For those of you who wish to experience something different, try dining in the sky with Trust me, you will love it! Try the food and feel the wind!

9. Kayabukiya Tavern


Yes, some monkeys do have a full-time job after all. These monkeys are working in a restaurant in Japan and they seem to be pretty hard working, aren’t they? Yat-chan and Fuku-chan are the names of these amazing monkeys. Check out this video and you’ll see what I mean. This is a video of a female monkey serving her customers.


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