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Some of the best cars for a smooth ride journey

Road trip sounds like a great idea for you to spend quality time with your friends and family. Driving the right car does matter in order for you to have a smooth ride. Here are some of the top vehicles for road trips:

1. Dodge Ram 1500


If you love mountain cycling and wish to take your bike with you, the Dodge Ram is the right car for you. The car is big enough to store your camping stuff too, including a boat for those who love kayaking!

2.  Ford Flex


This car has an easy access into its vast cabin and the second row seat room is immense. You don’t have to worry about bumpy and noisy rides anymore! Its crash test results are good and this car has an optional turbocharged engine that can improve its performance, with little difference in fuel economy.

3. Hyundai Genesis


Another great car with great interior design, this car has a cabin and with comfortable and spacious seats. Its safety results are also proven to be impressive.

4. Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 standard


This car is normally used for long distance drives and it is suitable for those travelling to rural or muddy areas. It is sold for an affordable price and it features travel data such as average, fuel consumption, range, and external temperature.


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