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Animals we love

1. Orang Utans


The Orang Utan can be found in Asia and it lives in the rainforest of Borneo and Sumatra. These loving animals are divided into 2 species: the Bornean orang utan amd the Sumatran orang utan. They live on the trees most of the time. These reddish-brown monkeys come in different appearance and sizes. They are the most solitary amongst the great apes species, with social bonds occurring primarily between the orang utans’ mothers and their dependent offspring. The orang utans babies normally stay with their mothers for at least 2 years. Orang Utans love to eat fruit and vegetables. This species can live up to 30 years. Pretty old for an animal, huh? If you have never seen real orang utans & would love to see them, do pay them a visit. Trust me, they will love you.

2. Koalas


The Koala is known for its myths and legends. It was often killed for its soft and delicate fur, and currently, most of them are being killed by cars and dogs each year. This adorable animal can live up to 17 years, however most of the male koalas in Australia could not live that long as they are exposed to injuries from fights, dogs, and cars. This animal doesn’t do much; it loves to sleep and can take as much as 75% of its time for sleeping! P/S they can bark too.

3. The lion


The lion species is one of the four big cats in the genus Panthera, and it is a member of the Felidae family. This animal can weigh up to 250kg and it is the second largest big cat after the tiger. This king of the jungle is, however, endangered by intolerant and selfish hunters. Some of the lions were captured and taken out from its natural habitat.

4. Lemur of Madagascar


If you have seen the cartoon Madagascar, I’m sure you are familiar with the black and white lemurs! The lemur looks like a combination of a dog, cat, and squirrel. It is unique and beautiful in its own way; this animal can sing like a whale! Since the island of Madagascar is isolated from the humans, this animal lives freely with its fellow primates.

5. The Porcupine


The porcupine comes from the rodent family and it is known as “quill pig” in Latin. This animal has soft hair and they look harmless, but likewise, never judge a book by its cover. Whenever this animal feels threatened, it will show its infamous quills. They are very sharp and dangerous. If you don’t want to get into trouble, let’s be nice to it, shall we? This animal can be found in North and South America. It may not be a professional climber like the monkey, but it is undeniably a good climber; so don’t be shock to find them on the trees!

6. Polar bears


Looks innocent and harmless; but don’t get fooled by this dangerous Antarctic predator. Polar bears spend most of their time at sea and they feed on seals and fishes. If you think Grizzly bears are dangerous, wait till’ you see the polar bears.

7. The Platypus


The Platypus is a semi-aquatic mammal that looks like a duck and a beaver. Did you know that it is one of the few venomous mammals? The male Platypus has a spur on the hind foot that delivers a poison that is capable of causing severe pain to humans. Never mess with a platypus!

8. Panda Bears


Panda bear eats shoots and leaves. Yes, there is a joke about this adorable and loving animal. Here is a joke to conclude today’s topic on Animals we love. Enjoy!

The Panda joke:

A panda bear walks into a bar and orders a sandwich. The waiter brings him the sandwich. The panda bear eats it, pulls out a pistol, kills the waiter, and gets up and starts to walk out.

The bartender yells for him to stop. The panda bear asks, “What do you want?” The bartender replies, “First you come in here, order food, kill my waiter, then try to go without paying for your food.”

The panda bear turns around and says, “Hey! I’m a Panda. Look it up!” The bartender goes into the back room and looks up panda bear in the encyclopaedia, which read: “Panda: a bear-like marsupial originating in Asian regions. Known largely for it’s stark black and white colouring. Eats shoots and leaves.”


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