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Some of the new animals that you may not have heard about!

1. Pink Handfish


The Pink Handfish is one of the nine newly species that was found around the Australian island of Tasmania. It doesn’t swim; instead, it uses it fins to walk!

2. Sneezing sub-nosed monkey


You don’t get to see sneezing monkeys, unless you spend the whole time analysing their daily routine. In Myanmar, a new monkey species was discovered and it would sneeze when there is rainfall; well, there is nothing wrong with that. I just find it funny yet adorable. This was a picture taken in the country. These monkeys had been killed by local hunters and this monkey was eaten soon after. How could anyone eat such rare species?! Poor monkey.

3. Self-cloning lizards


Self-cloning lizard is a Vietnamese delicacy, and guess what? These lizards are actually an unknown species discovered by scientist recently! I am seriously amazed with this lizard because the male lizards do not have to depend on the female lizards in species reproduction; it actually clones itself. Whoa, this reminds me of a cartoon character from a Japanese comic book, called “Dragon ball”.

4. The Squid worm


When I first saw this picture, I asked myself whether the “thing” in the picture was actually a worm or a squid. I then realised that it is actually a new species that has bristle-based paddles for swimming and tentacles on its head! It was found under the Celebes Sea (Laut Sulawesi, Indonesia) in 2007. Looks like we have found Spongebob’s best friend, Squidward!

5. The Cyclops Shark


This species reminds me of the cartoon “Despicable Me”! This is called the “Cyclops shark” and it was recently found in Mexico. This 22-inch-long (56-centimeter-long) fetus has a single, functioning eye at the front of its head. I am so impressed.  Scientists said that these sharks do not survive long in the wild.

6. The Mind-control fungus


Yes, it is an ant. But, that’s not the point. The ant looks like its suffering from something. You’ll notice that there is something sticking on its back; that’s a fungus. This fungus can be found in the Brazilian’s rain forest. It freaks me out, having to think of how the fungus takes control over the ant’s mind and kills it later. The fungus infects the ant, takes over its brain, and eventually kills the ant once the fungus decides to move to another “better” location for its growth. It’s planning to spread its spores, if you know what I mean.

7. T-Rex leech


The T-Rex leech can be found in the mammal’s eyes, urethras, rectums, and even vaginas! This bloodsucker got its name for its large teeth, although it is just a small living thing. Creep show! It has teeth that can reach up to 130 microns high and trust me; you don’t want to get bitten by this leech.

9. The Human-size lizard


People, don’t be surprise, but our friend here has a double penis and it is as long as a tall human, and lives in a heavily populated area of the Philippines! OMG~ you won’t get to see this creature (unless you’re very lucky to meet one) as it hides itself from the humans. Its almost like its cousin, the Komodo dragon in Indonesia, but this lizard is a vegetarian!


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