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Bizarre restaurants that would blow your mind

1. Prison-themed Restaurants: “Devil Island” in China


What is it like to be in prison? It is not the best place on earth and trusts me; you don’t want to get yourself thrown into prison & spend the rest of your life there! Well, at least someone cares about this and this was when a man decided to open a Devil Island in China! The restaurant carries a prison theme and customers are led to their tables, handcuffs! All of the tables are surrounded by prison bars and the waiters are dressed in black-and-white striped uniforms!

2. Prison-themed Dining: “Alcatraz” in Tokyo, Japan


This restaurant applies a unique theme of “medical prison”, where you are the patient and the waitresses are dressed as nurses. They handcuff you, and then pretend to inject you with a giant needle into your rear, and then lock you in a cell before you are served with cocktails, called the “Lethal Injection”!

3. The Boeing 747 restaurant in South Korea


Yes, the airplane “Boeing 747” in South Korea needs a make-over but hey, that plane isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t fly anymore, but it serves its customers with delicious food; it’s a restaurant! Who is up for a dinner treat? =D

4. Ninja restaurant in Japan, Taiwan, and New York

Image If you are a fan of the art of Ninja, then this place is right for you! In New York, a creative restaurant was opened to serve its customers with a rather unique and rare experience, where they get to dine in a Ninja-themed restaurant! While you eat, you are entertained by magic tricks, performed by the ninja waiters. Please watch your back when dining; you don’t want trained ninjas to attack you! These restaurants can be found in Japan, Taiwan, and New York.

5. Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Tokyo


Alice in the wonderland, a story written by Lewis Carroll has turned into a hit, where the story has been made into a cartoon, movie, and even restaurant! Join Alice and her adventures in the Alice in Wonderland restaurant. Everything in the restaurant would remind you of Alice’s crazy adventures; the waitresses are dressed like Alice and you’ll see bunny tails on the chair, a big clock against the wall, and a Mad Hatter Tea Party room! You will also notice a small door.

6. World of Warcraft-themed Restaurants: “Bao Xue” in Beijing, China


If you are a fan of the game “World of Warcraft”, you MUST VISIT this place! The main dining room is called the “Hall of Snow Storms” and it features a giant World Tree at its centre. The names of the dishes on the menu revolve around characters and creatures in “World of Warcraft”. Cool, isn’t it? Yes, to me!

7. Vampire restaurant in Japan


To all Gothic lovers out there, there is one place of darkness that would surely give you an adrenaline rush; whale in the Vampire restaurant today and feel the horror! Dark red velvet curtains frame a passageway that is lit from below by a glowing floor of red blood cells and cobwebs drape around the chandeliers; not forgetting broken mirrors. Who’s ready to meet Edward Cullen? =D

8. Bread head bakery in Thailand


Thailand people made human body parts out of bread; creep show all the way from Asia! Yes, its true and it sort of “frightens” me, although I am a big fan of weird stuff, with gory elements. To make these breads look more frightening, the breads are painted with edible paint to look bloody. Despite the looks, these breads are delicious. Let’s forget the human body parts, shall we? =D

9. Princess restaurant in Japan


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all? Women always wished that they all can live like a princess that you see in fairy tales. Who says you can’t dream to be one or better, feel like one? In Japan, you can experience the princess treat at the Princess Heart restaurant. Customers are led to a full-length mirror where they are supposed to ask “Who is the fairest one of all”, before taking a seat in a throne and being crowned. Women can drag their male partners along, but single men are not allowed.

10. Robot Run Restaurants: “Robo Cafe” in Japan & South Korea


South Korean company IM Technology has developed a restaurant concept around a cute little robot that fulfils the role of a waiter; it takes orders from customers, either verbally or through a touch screen, and then relays them to the kitchen brings the food out when it’s ready. The best part of the Robo Cafe is that it eliminates ordering errors, reduces staffing costs dramatically for restaurant owners, and even brings the boss all the tips. You’re right boss, spend first, save later. Robot restaurant can also be found in Thailand


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