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Travelling with credit cards

Credit cards will come in handy, especially when you travel abroad as you would need more money than you expected. Just because you are on holiday that does not mean your credit card is on holiday too! Make sure that you continue to make any necessary payments even while you are away for holiday. Paying your bills on time is always the best thing to do when you have huge credit commitments.

When travelling abroad, it is best not to use public computers to perform any bank transaction for safety purposes. However, make sure you:

  • Check for computers with anti-virus software installed & firewall protection. This is to prevent Trojan viruses or spyware from stealing your passwords or account numbers
  • Always log out before leaving the computer

Like they always said “Credit cards are dangerous”. Yes, they are dangerous if you do not know how to spend wisely. Spend on necessary things only and the most important, SPEND ON WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD ONLY. Did you know that the right credit cards are actually the best way to spend abroad? Ask around first in order for you to find the best type of credit card that suits your interest and personal needs. Different credit card companies offer different benefits so be sure to fully understand how your credit card works and how it can benefit you as a user.

Let say you are travelling to Europe and you wish to pay using your credit cards. If the shop assistants ask you if you wish to pay in Pounds or Euro, just say NO.  This is called dynamic currency exchange, where the shop will do the conversion for you. The conversion rates are normally higher than your own card! So, please avoid this whenever you can. If you think debit cards are actually much better than credit cards, you are not entirely right. Certain banks actually charge you for every withdrawal; they can go up as high as £1.50 for everything you spend!

Most travellers prefer not to buy souvenirs and gifts from the airport as most of the items sold there are extremely expensive compared to the stores in town. Well, it applies to money exchange as well. You can get the worst rates here if you are not careful with the current rates. It is best to survey for better rates first before you travel. The airport is not the best place to get your money exchanged after all.


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