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Travelling with your dog


Leaving dog at home is not very pleasant for some dog lovers as they are concern about their dog’s well-care. Some would take their dogs with them when travelling abroad. I personally would travel with my dog too even if it means I will have to travel with responsibilities; I have to take care of it if I choose to take it along with me. If you are going through this dilemma, be sure of what to do. Dogs after all, are almost like little children that need to be given extra attention; the difference is that dogs can take care of themselves better than little children.

Taking your dog for a vacation isn’t a bad thing at all if the whole family enjoys its company. As long as you treat it like a family, your holiday will be a great one! Before you take it out for a vacation, make sure you send your dog to the vet for a check-up; perhaps send it for vaccinations and a groom session. Always bring enough dog food for your dog such as the pedigree. You can buy more at the nearest pet shops in the country of visit. A crate is essential to keep your dog safe in the car and it is required if you are travelling on an airplane. Choose a crate with good quality to ensure your dog gets the best comfort and security. Some airlines will not transport pets during extreme hot and cold weathers, so be sure to ask the airlines first if you wish to travel with your dog.


Like us, dogs also need identification. Failure to do so will cause your dog to get caught by the animal control, so be sure to put on a collar around its neck. The collar must have an identification tag that displays the dog’s name, home phone number, and a valid proof of rabies shots. Another useful tip is to always keep a photo of your dog.

Taking your dog on a car trip would probably excite it, especially when it gets to put out its head out of the car window, where it gets to see the beautiful views and feel the fresh air. But, bear in mind that this could be quite dangerous for both of you. If you are going to let it do that, make sure it is watched carefully to prevent unwanted accidents. Always tell your kids not to annoy the dog while travelling in the car because like humans, dogs can be quite moody sometimes. Nobody likes to be annoyed, so why annoy the dog?

Staying in a hotel would probably be a problem for you as many hotels do not allow pets. Please ask the management first before you book the room. If you are allowed to take your dog with you, make sure that it doesn’t make too much noise as it will distract the other guests. Try not to leave it alone in the room because they would bark when left alone.



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