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Harajuku in Japan


You can find weird stuff in Japan, even weird styles. Japan after all, is a country full of curiosity. ‘Harajuku’ is the name of a place in Tokyo, Japan. This place displays its very own fashion trend, called the ‘Harajuku’. Every Sunday, young teens will dress up in different styles such as Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, Decota, and Cosplay. These people would spend their time at Harajuku, showing off each other’s cool outfits and it is also one of the best ways to make new friends of the same interest. The Jingu Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that connects Harajuku to its neighbouring area, Shrine. Although some may find this fashion trend to be weird, designers from all over the world are creatively inspired by it and helped to promote and display it worldwide. The Harajuku is also a large shopping spot that sells international and local brands.

This trend includes all kinds of styles, so regardless to whatever styles you may prefer, as long as you are dressed up uniquely at Harajuku, you are displaying the Harajuku style. You’ll get to see some youngsters in cyber-punk style too; since this style takes after the gothic fashion, teens tend to wear dark-coloured clothes. Cosplay is pretty famous too; it is a costume-based style where costumes of favourite comic or anime characters are worn. If you are planning to visit Japan, make sure you visit Harajuku; perhaps dress like one.

Check out some of these photos; even Gwen Stefani loves it! Enjoy =D






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2 thoughts on “Harajuku in Japan

  1. Definitely something I’d want to see if I go to Japan, looks like fun!

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