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Australia’s Vegemite

Vegemite is very popular in Australia up to the extent that it is actually considered as a national food item today. It is sold across Australia and is exported to other countries as well. Vegemite is a brown coloured paste, which is used as a spread on sandwiches and crackers. Sometime, it is also used as a filling for pastries. Vegemite is rich with Vitamin B and it is basically made from yeast extract.

Its main ingredient is yeast extract that contains a high concetration of glutamic acid. Since Vegemite is a healthy product, it does not contain any fat or added sugar. Did you know that Vegemite actually contains 3.45% sodium, which equates to a salt content of approximately 8.6%? In 1990, Kraft released Vegemite Singles that combined both Kraft’s major products into one; it contains Vegemite that resulted to a Vegemite-flavoured cheese. Unfortunately, the product then had to leave the market.

On 16 February 2011, Kraft Foods Australia launched “My First Vegemite”, which is a special formulation of the original Vegemite for children aged older than one year. Kraft informed the public that the new formula has a “milder taste” and “additional health benefits that include iron, B6 and B12 vitamins as well as 50% less sodium. The reason behind this idea was due to the high demands for food with lower sugar and salt content. The responds to this idea was also positive.

In 2006, Vegemite was  reported to be banned in the United States and later in the year 2011, Vegemite and Marmite were banned and removed from shelves in Denmark that eventually aggravated several outraged fans, and their protests against this issue were posted on several Facebook groups. It is said that the product is a danger to health.

Whatever the reasons are, it won’t change the fact that Vegemite actually tastes good.


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2 thoughts on “Australia’s Vegemite

  1. Aaron Zachary Nicholas on said:

    Once you get over the initial saltiness, it actually tastes very good 😉

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