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Watch Water Puppets in Hanoi!


The Water Puppets show is one of Hanoi’s must-watch shows. Unlike other puppet shows, the puppets used for this show seem to be dancing over the water. This show is depicted from a tradition that originated from the villages of the Red River Delta area in northern Vietnam.

The rural Vietnamese used to believe that their lives were controlled by spirits and water puppet shows were one of the ways to satisfy these spirits. The spirits must always be pleased as they have the power to control all aspect of the villagers’ lives back then. This art form is performed in North Vietnam. It was of course, stage around Vietnam at first but soon received world’s attention. The popular venues displaying this art are the Thăng Long Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi and the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater in Saigon.

The background music of this art form is the traditional Vietnamese orchestra; the instruments used are drums, wooden bells,cymbals, horns, gongs and bamboo flutes. The plot of the story is told by the movements of the puppets. You can hear some yelling too and this is done when a puppet is in danger or when a word of encouragement is thrown to a puppet in need.

The show runs for about 50 minutes and you’ll get to buy tickets for different show times. The entrance fee would cost you about 100, 000 dong each.


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