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Bizarre food

Disgusted by some of the weirdest delicacies found all around the world? There are people out there who turn insects such as grasshoppers and cockroaches into delicious delicacies. Most of us will get disgusted with this eating habit but for some whom have already tried them, they never turn back; instead, they would request for more! Check out some of these exotic delicacies served all over the world:

(i)                 Cockroach Sushi


“Gross and disgusting” for many, but for some, this is a must try delicacy! The idea of having Cockroach Sushi simply turns you off if you have never tried it. Cockroaches are well-known as disease carriers; due to that, they are often regarded as household pests that must be terminated when being spotted. In Japan, Cockroach Sushi is served to customers who do not mind trying them.

(ii)               Korean ‘Penis Fish’

This is known as ‘Urechis unicinctus”, which is a phallic-shaped spoon worm that is served in Korea. It is also known as “Gaebul”. It can either be served raw with salt or sesame seed oil.

(iii)             Breast Milk Ice-cream

A London ice-cream parlour actually introduced “nutritious” flavour of the sweet stuff made from human breast milk! The famous one is called “Baby Gaga” and it costs 14.99 pounds a scoop! The milk actually comes from 15 donors who receive 15 pounds for every 10 ounces donated to the company.

(iv) Urine-soaked eggs

In Dongyang County in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, eggs soaked in young boys’ urine are actually one of most popular being served. Urine of the local elementary school boys are actually collected and then soaked overnight before they are served. They are believed to be healthy and nutritious. The eggs are normally sold around $0.24, which are much more expensive than the normal eggs sold by the same vendor.

(v) Pig Brain Omelette

Popular in the Philippines, pig brains are actually used in preparing Pig Brain Omelettes. It is known as “tortang utak” and locals buy pig brains from the nearest market. The dish is normally stirred-fried with onions, carrots and eggs.


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  1. fuck hell what kind of food is this bun u

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