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Sea cucumber delicacy in Southeast Asia

About Sea Cucumber

Big and slimy, sea cucumbers are made into a popular delicacy in Southeast Asia and it is also considered good for health. They are high in protein and lower in fat; so, you don’t have to ask the waiter if it is fattening or not! Sea cucumbers can be cooked with vegetables such as mushrooms and cabbages.

How to prepare a Sea Cucumber

Once captured, it’s time to prepare it for serve. Before cooking it, the belly of a sea cucumber has to be cut first; its guts are then removed. Once you have done these, you have to boil the sea cucumber several times to ensure that it is clean. A clean sea cucumber is then ready for sale at the market and can normally be found in the cold food section. Sea cucumber can be boiled with other ingredients; it can either be served as soups or stir-fried. Bear in mind that Sea cucumber is flavourless; you can choose to cook it in any way and with whichever types of food you want.

Medicinal benefit

Sea cucumber is believed to have the capabilities in treating any kinds of illnesses! In fact, the Chinese have been using sea cucumber in traditional Chinese medicine.


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