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Charges from hell 

If there is one type of bill that we don’t ever want to deal with if possible, roaming bill is the right one. You should never pay for this bill! Lots of travellers are facing the dilemma of having to pay for roaming charges, both intentionally and unintentionally. If you could choose not to pay for roaming bills, the answer is most likely “Definitely!” Believe it or not, roaming charges are bad for your health. You don’t ever want to get the shock of your life when you look at the figure stated on your phone bill!

Many people laughed over the matter, but learned to regret later. Don’t put yourself into the thousand dollars situation; save yourself as much as we want to save you. Roaming charges awareness is so important; not just it help you to save yourself from getting a heart attack, it also protects your money from walking away from you!

Take this story as a good example:

Michelle Higgins wrote a story of a Verizon customer who travelled around Jamaica and ended up getting a roaming bill of $11,000, for the sake of trying and unsuccessfully to text and check email. The amount was then reduced to $2,500, yet it did not do much for the unfortunate customer, which in the end led to a case negotiation. This sneaky and excessive roaming fees have bitten not just one, but millions of travellers around the world; all because of the lack of awareness about the matter.

Some took precautions. But, the mobile criminal struck again. One time, a traveller switched off his roaming feature of his mobile phone when travelling overseas. Seemed harmless, but what’s about to bite him next was going to be a nightmare. He made a quick phone call upon arrival and planned to use only WI-FI during his travel. Surprisingly, a text message arrived few hours later that says “Your roaming charges are now $205.00”. How was that even possible? Only one phone call was made, yet the charges are exorbitant! An hour later, the traveller called his provider, T-mobile. He was then told that his bill had reached $500! How did that happen? The answer to the mystery is that even if your cell phone is switched on, data is still being delivered and the mobile phone owner will be charged even if he or she does not use his or her phone.

Yes, roaming charges can be a nightmare if you don’t keep your eye on them. Always make sure that you:

  • ·         Switch off data roaming on your mobile phone; if you need to use the Internet, make sure you are in a Wi-Fi zone
  • ·         Seek for consultation from your provider on how to turn off data roaming from your phone
  • ·       Fully understand what roaming charges are and how they can affect your life
  • ·     Always get LocalSIMKad™ of your destination, which is available on!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_454/image.jpg 


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