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LocalSIMKad™ Malaysia User Experience: From a satisfied customer’s point of view

I had a one day trip to KL, with LocalSIMKad™ Malaysia in hand. Now that I am back in Singapore, I could share my travel experience with all smart travellers out there. Overall, I am very impressed with LocalSIMKad™ front line staff.

Well, after I booked myself a LocalSIMKad™ and got my voucher, I changed my flight. I called and I must admit that it was fuss-free; there was no waiting time. They jotted down my details. Then, I was informed by one of the LocalSIMKad™ staffs about my Singapore mobile number. Everything went just fine. My LocalSIMKad™ Malaysia was ready for collection in the morning.

I had difficulties in finding the infamous “Pink Booth”. I thought that I’ll never find it until I received a call from! I was happy and relieved. In fact, the staff who spoke to me was very kind. He walked all the way out and passed the LocalSIMKad™ to me.

Generally, I had the feeling that the team was very helpful and reliable. This is very important to me. Using the service was not difficult at all. It’s really easy. Unfortunately, I could not fit it into my Iphone 4. Therefore, I did not get the chance to try Data roaming.

In short, I’ll definitely recommend this product to my friends and family! I also liked the brochure that came along with the LocalSIMKad™ package. Nice!

Anyway, keep up the friendly service. It builds customer loyalty. Thank you!


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