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What inspired me

When I was a child, I never really got the chance to travel around as my family didn’t have the money to take me and my siblings out for holidays. Going abroad was totally out of the question. Mum used to tell me that I will get to travel abroad someday, as long as I study well and get a job that can contribute to some savings for my holiday plans. She was right. I finally got myself the money I wanted and now making multiple holidays plans.

I wish to travel around my home country first before I fly to a foreign country. Being raised in a beautiful place called Borneo Sarawak, I learned that there is so much to see here. Malaysia is such a wonderful country, with all kinds of wildlife, flora and fauna. I will never trade it for anything else.

After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in English Linguistic, I came out as a Linguistic graduate, and then entered the business world. My career requires me to write a lot. Writing this blog is rather a hobby. I enjoy writing very much. Whenever I travelled to a new place, I’ll definitely write about it.

I thank my parents for the many years of teaching me the meaning of life. They taught me that life is never easy. They were right. I’ve seen poverty abroad. I’ve also witnessed and experienced crimes. Life is not easy at all. All my life I thought I was the most unlucky person in the world, not knowing that I am very blessed for the things that I already have; some things that others do not have. For that I wish to help the poor and share the meaning of happiness with those who need one.

This world we live in is really beautiful. If only we learn to appreciate it better. I have always believed that nature is a blessing from God. It gives us life and a purpose in this world, and the fact that we should take care of one another. Travelling the world is telling the world about our existence. When I travel, I meet new people; those who never knew about my existence. When I travel, I make people feel that they are part of my life because seeing them leaves memories in my head. I’ll never forget what I saw, whom I met, what I ate, and where I went.


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