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50% discount from Pay half the price

Roaming abroad

To those who are afraid to roam abroad, don’t roam. You’ll only get yourself into trouble for doing that. Imagine yourself paying for your phone bill that costs more than your holiday trip. It’s a disaster! Be a smart traveller today and grab any roaming solution that you can find around.


As for me, I would like to suggest LocalSIMKad™ of your destination. It’s a great product for those who are concerned about their telecommunication when travelling abroad. I am also a traveller, so I myself want to always stay connected with the world. To me, communication is life. Without it, I feel like I am living in a world with nobody but me, myself, and I.

LocalSIMKad™ of your destination is available on This is a booking platform for travellers like you and I to book a LocalSIMKad™. The booking process is easy and user-friendly. You just need to fill out your personal and booking details. As simple as 1,2,3.


With this product, I do not have to roam anymore. What I get is what I pay. I can make and receive calls abroad, without having to pay for any roaming charges. This SIM card is affordable; much cheaper than roaming! The rates follow the country of destination local rates (it is a local SIM card that’s why). I can make calls like a local, even though I am just a tourist! 😀 is currently organizing its 50% Promo Campaign at Malaysia’s Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). This campaign aims to promote three of its popular destinations, which are Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.


Spend RM30 on a single receipt at any of these stores to redeem 50% off on LocalSIMKad™ Indonesia, Thailand & Singapore:

(i) SIM Emporium (Souvenir store)
(ii) The Zon (Duty Free)
(iii) Dimensi Eksklusif (Perfume & Cosmetic)


You’ll also notice these girls there. They are called the “Pink Babes”. I heard you have to grab a sticker from their T-shirts to get 50% off on a LocalSIMKad™. Sounds pretty easy, huh? If I were you, I’ll definitely head down to LCCT now. Since I’ll be flying to Thailand soon, I might as well get one for myself now 😀

Check out the video below:



About the park

Komodo National Park is a sanctuary for Komodo Dragons, which was established in 1980 and declared as a World Heritage Site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in the year 1986.  It was established to conserve the Komodo Dragons (Varanus komodoensis). The park was first discovered in 1911 by J.K.H. Van Steyn.  Here, you can watch these dragons living their lives on an island where they are all kings in their own habitat.

To get there

By air: Indonesia Air Transport (IAT) & Trans Nusa Airlines (TGN)

By land: Buses or Cars

By sea: Ferry

About Komodo Dragons

The Komodo dragon is a large species of lizard that can be found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang and Padar. It can grow to as big as 10 ft and weigh up to 70kg. They are considered the “giant” of the island since there are no other carnivorous animals that can beat them in term of size on the islands where they live.

Komodo Island Diving

If you love snorkelling, stop by at Red Beach (Pantai Merah) which is located in front of the old dragon feeding station. There is a village nearby too. The locals are very friendly too, so if you need any information during your visit to the island, feel free to ask them.

Snorkelling here is awesome. Get ready to dive in to as low as 25 metres and witness the beautiful reef that decorates the ocean.

Jenglot: A mystique creature from Asia

For those of you whom may have watched an Indonesian movie called “Jenglot Pantai Selatan”, the face of Jenglot probably gives you the chill. ‘Jenglot’ is a mysterious creature or vampire that is commonly told in the Indonesian culture and mythology. This creature is as small as a human doll even though it was once a human who meditated in the cave and gained supernatural power, according to the locals. It has a scary looking face that very much resembles the famous Medusa of the Greek mythology.

Indonesia is believed to be the birthplace of Jenglot, Java in specific. These creatures can be found whenever a supernatural ceremony has been performed and they can be crawling in various places, such as the grounds, on a rooftop and even in the trunk of a huge tree. To our surprise, these amazing creatures are actually fed by Jenglot keepers; blood is fed to them, such as human and animal blood. What’s even shocking is that Jenglot keepers can actually buy blood legally from the Indonesia Red Cross! Unlike the type of vampire that sucks blood whenever it has the chance, Jenglot prefers to consume blood whenever it is left alone, out from the sight of human beings. 

Enjoy Homemade Snail Kebab!

A luxurious yet easy to make dish, Snail kebab is definitely a must try one!

This crunchy and mouth-watering dish will make you forget that you are actually eating snails for tea time! This light dish is consumed in many parts of Nigeria and although snails can be expensive, Snail Kebab should and must be in your eating list!

To prepare it, make sure you have all of these ingredients:

8 seasoned snails (you can also in on some spices too)

1/2 cup of vegetable oil for frying

5 Fresh Tomatoes, chopped

1 Green Pepper, squared

1 Paprika, squared

I Onion bulb, squared

3 Kebab Sticks


(i)                 Cut the snails equally (into half)

(ii)               Pour some oil in a small pot and fry the chopped tomatoes for about 2 minutes

(iii)             Put in the seasoned snails into the small pot and then stir for about 7 minutes

(iv)             Add in some salt and other seasonings

(v)               Drain out and leave to cool

Once it is ready, stick in the cooked ingredients in a kebab stick. Arrange them nicely (one after another, equally for each stick). Lastly, place the ready to serve Snail Kebab on a plate. You can serve it with soft drink or a hot cup of tea. Cheers!

Charges from hell 

If there is one type of bill that we don’t ever want to deal with if possible, roaming bill is the right one. You should never pay for this bill! Lots of travellers are facing the dilemma of having to pay for roaming charges, both intentionally and unintentionally. If you could choose not to pay for roaming bills, the answer is most likely “Definitely!” Believe it or not, roaming charges are bad for your health. You don’t ever want to get the shock of your life when you look at the figure stated on your phone bill!

Many people laughed over the matter, but learned to regret later. Don’t put yourself into the thousand dollars situation; save yourself as much as we want to save you. Roaming charges awareness is so important; not just it help you to save yourself from getting a heart attack, it also protects your money from walking away from you!

Take this story as a good example:

Michelle Higgins wrote a story of a Verizon customer who travelled around Jamaica and ended up getting a roaming bill of $11,000, for the sake of trying and unsuccessfully to text and check email. The amount was then reduced to $2,500, yet it did not do much for the unfortunate customer, which in the end led to a case negotiation. This sneaky and excessive roaming fees have bitten not just one, but millions of travellers around the world; all because of the lack of awareness about the matter.

Some took precautions. But, the mobile criminal struck again. One time, a traveller switched off his roaming feature of his mobile phone when travelling overseas. Seemed harmless, but what’s about to bite him next was going to be a nightmare. He made a quick phone call upon arrival and planned to use only WI-FI during his travel. Surprisingly, a text message arrived few hours later that says “Your roaming charges are now $205.00”. How was that even possible? Only one phone call was made, yet the charges are exorbitant! An hour later, the traveller called his provider, T-mobile. He was then told that his bill had reached $500! How did that happen? The answer to the mystery is that even if your cell phone is switched on, data is still being delivered and the mobile phone owner will be charged even if he or she does not use his or her phone.

Yes, roaming charges can be a nightmare if you don’t keep your eye on them. Always make sure that you:

  • ·         Switch off data roaming on your mobile phone; if you need to use the Internet, make sure you are in a Wi-Fi zone
  • ·         Seek for consultation from your provider on how to turn off data roaming from your phone
  • ·       Fully understand what roaming charges are and how they can affect your life
  • ·     Always get LocalSIMKad™ of your destination, which is available on!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_454/image.jpg 

Budget Hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Are you a budget traveller travelling to Kuala Lumpur? If you are, perhaps you should take a look at some of these budget hotels listed here. These hotels offer good deals and you can always choose the one that suits your preference best.

(i)Casavilla Travellers Lodge

Located in KL, this hotel offers spectacular night views of the Bukit Bintang area and its famous Bintang Walk. Since it is close to the local shopping malls such as Berjaya Times Square and Sungai Wang, travellers get to enjoy shopping as long as they want. You don’t even have to take a taxi; you can just walk to the malls and the city’s wonderful attractions. The infamous Kuala Lumpur Convention and Exhibition Centre (KLCC), Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower are also nearby, so be sure not to miss them. If you need the night clubs to spice up your adventure, the Vegas Club and Rootz KL are just around the corner! There are plenty of rooms offered by the Casavilla Travellers Lodge and price range is from as low as RM40 to RM150 per night. 

(ii)Green Hut Lodge

Located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, the Green Hut Lodge is a walking distance from the beautiful Petronas Towers, Chinatown and night clubs. There are also 24 hours convenience stores that you can always walk into anytime, just in case you need to grab a can of beer, phone card reload or sanitary pad. The hotel makes a good place for travellers between 18 to 45 years old. It is cosy, safe and secured with 24 hours CCTV surveillance.

(iii) LaComme Inn

Located in Bukit Bintang, this budget hotel provides you with reliable facilities and convenience to go shopping as it is close to the city’s shopping complexes. The train stations such as the LRT and Monorail are also nearby so you can always hop on to any in order to get around the city economically; well, at least it is much better and cheaper than taking a taxi.

For more deals on budget hotels, visit this link

Horse Semen Shot in New Zealand

Beer? Sounds good. Horse Semen? Euwww no thanks!

Did you know that a pub in Wellington, New Zealand known as “Green Man” has introduced an apple-infused horse semen shot which tastes like custard? The shot is very popular among the ladies and guess how much does it cost? Horse semen shot would cost you $300 for vials of semen; that’s pretty expensive. Although Lindsey Kerslake (founder) has never tried the shot, he is confident that his product tastes good, just like a milkshake. He believes that shot drinkers can have the feel of a stallion themselves when they drink this shot. If you wish to try horse semen shot, we advise you to drink it one shot rather than taking a sip because if you do so, you’ll probably vomit. Likewise, try your best not to feel disgusted and you’ll be fine: D

Bizarre food

Disgusted by some of the weirdest delicacies found all around the world? There are people out there who turn insects such as grasshoppers and cockroaches into delicious delicacies. Most of us will get disgusted with this eating habit but for some whom have already tried them, they never turn back; instead, they would request for more! Check out some of these exotic delicacies served all over the world:

(i)                 Cockroach Sushi


“Gross and disgusting” for many, but for some, this is a must try delicacy! The idea of having Cockroach Sushi simply turns you off if you have never tried it. Cockroaches are well-known as disease carriers; due to that, they are often regarded as household pests that must be terminated when being spotted. In Japan, Cockroach Sushi is served to customers who do not mind trying them.

(ii)               Korean ‘Penis Fish’

This is known as ‘Urechis unicinctus”, which is a phallic-shaped spoon worm that is served in Korea. It is also known as “Gaebul”. It can either be served raw with salt or sesame seed oil.

(iii)             Breast Milk Ice-cream

A London ice-cream parlour actually introduced “nutritious” flavour of the sweet stuff made from human breast milk! The famous one is called “Baby Gaga” and it costs 14.99 pounds a scoop! The milk actually comes from 15 donors who receive 15 pounds for every 10 ounces donated to the company.

(iv) Urine-soaked eggs

In Dongyang County in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, eggs soaked in young boys’ urine are actually one of most popular being served. Urine of the local elementary school boys are actually collected and then soaked overnight before they are served. They are believed to be healthy and nutritious. The eggs are normally sold around $0.24, which are much more expensive than the normal eggs sold by the same vendor.

(v) Pig Brain Omelette

Popular in the Philippines, pig brains are actually used in preparing Pig Brain Omelettes. It is known as “tortang utak” and locals buy pig brains from the nearest market. The dish is normally stirred-fried with onions, carrots and eggs.



Did you know that EgyptAir is an airline from Egypt which is based at Cairo International Airport? The airline is one of the world’s oldest airlines in the world and it offers its services worldwide. The airline is also a member of Star Alliance and has been joining the team since 11th July 2008. Every airline has its own logo that represents its identity; so does EgyptAir. The airline’s logo is the infamous Horus, who was the sky deity in the Ancient Egypt belief. Horus is depicted as a man with a head of a falcon and the symbol was selected as the airline’s logo due to its ancient symbolism as a “winged God of the sun”. This definitely carries a significant meaning for the Egyptians.

Since 2011, EgyptAir offers its services to 76 destinations:

  1. 12 in Egypt
  2. 20 in the Middle-East
  3. 7 in Asia
  4. 20 in Europe
  5. 1 in the Americas

To book your air tickets with EgyptAir, visit

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