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So much love for Arabic cuisines

I just love Arabic food – they’re so delicious and unique. I can feel the right textures and flavours in my mouth. My tongue just crave for more tabbouleh, fattouch, Shawarma, Kabssa and Kibbeh. Arabic restaurants are everywhere In Malaysia; just name any location you want! Check these out:




If you are planning to visit Malaysia, I’ll buy you one 😉

Have a great day!

Shop till’ you drop at the Red Sea Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia!


One of the finest shopping malls in Jeddah is the Red Sea Shopping Mall which is located on the northern suburb or Jeddah on the western side of the Al-Malek Abdulaziz Road in between the King Abdulaziz International Airport and the coast of the Red Sea. It was built on an area of 242,200 square meters, with 4000 parking spots; this huge shopping mall provides you with simply everything that you need and much more! An Oceania and aquatic games city, a water fountain, a super market and a variety of goods are just some of the attractions within this mall.

Pizza Hut delivery, straight to your hotel room in Saudi Arabia

American fast food restaurants are famous in Saudi Arabia. You can find Pizza Hut in Sultana Street and Al Hazim Road. You should try the Arabian version pizzas as they taste different and trust us, you would like the food offered in all these fast food restaurants. Just make a quick order and wait for you pizza to be delivered straight to your hotel room.

Sit tight, relax and perhaps have a Shisha 🙂



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How to make Hummus


• 1 can of Garbanzo Beans

• 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• 1 clove of Garlic

• Juice of 1 Lemon

• 2-3 tbsp Tahini Sauce

• Salt


Drain 1/3 the water from the can of garbanzo beans into a bowl and keep it aside first; it shall be used later on. Then, mix the Garbanzo beans with the other ingredients in a blender. Blend the ingredients for 1-2 minutes. If it looks smooth already, it’s good to go. In order to create more fluid consistency, you can add some water and blend it with the mixed ingredients. Once everything has been blended, Hummus is ready to serve.



Did you know that EgyptAir is an airline from Egypt which is based at Cairo International Airport? The airline is one of the world’s oldest airlines in the world and it offers its services worldwide. The airline is also a member of Star Alliance and has been joining the team since 11th July 2008. Every airline has its own logo that represents its identity; so does EgyptAir. The airline’s logo is the infamous Horus, who was the sky deity in the Ancient Egypt belief. Horus is depicted as a man with a head of a falcon and the symbol was selected as the airline’s logo due to its ancient symbolism as a “winged God of the sun”. This definitely carries a significant meaning for the Egyptians.

Since 2011, EgyptAir offers its services to 76 destinations:

  1. 12 in Egypt
  2. 20 in the Middle-East
  3. 7 in Asia
  4. 20 in Europe
  5. 1 in the Americas

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Work in Dubai

Want to work abroad? Yes, you can! There are many places that you can go to and it also depends to your interest as well; work in a place that you think you can be comfortable in. Well, if you have no experience staying abroad, perhaps experience it yourself! Dubai is one of the great places to work in although there are of course, the black and white sides about it. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of working in Dubai, shall we?

Some of the things that you should put into consideration:

1.      Financial

In Dubai, you will get to enjoy an income tax free salary! This way, you can always save up more money in your bank account. Having more money in the bank is essential as you may need those extra cash for the rainy days. Why pay so much when you can save more?

2.      Culture

Dubai is a place of culture, both local and international. You will get to see a lot of foreigners around the country; people from all over the world come here to work as Dubai is a country that requires professionals from other countries. Due to the multi-cultural population, you will get to learn about other cultures, language, and religion. However, there are people who prefer to work with people from their own kind; they’re not racist, but some people just have their own preference in certain things.

3.      Travel experience

Working in Dubai enables you to learn and know people from different cultures and backgrounds. Well, if you think getting to know people around Dubai is not enough, you are most welcomed to visit its neighbouring countries! Try visiting Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and many more. You will get to learn more because although each country may practise different lifestyle and holds different political and religious views, they are very kind and welcoming people. This is also the best time to learn Arabic or perhaps, belly dancing!

4.      Free trip home

Being far from your friends and family back home can be stressful sometimes as many people actually suffered from home-sickness when they stay abroad for a very long time. But, don’t worry, if you’re lucky, you might get your company to pay for your trip back to your home country. Most companies in Dubai would do that, so cross your fingers!

5.      Freedom

Working in Dubai is an experience no one should miss! This emirate city has the largest population and second largest land territory among all the emirates, after Abu Dhabi. It is also one of the most well-known Arab countries for having more freedom compared to the other Middle-east countries. Night clubs are available, so you and your friends can always come over for a beer. Yes, there are more freedom here but remember to always behave too.

6.      Climate

Dubai has a very hot arid climate and if you can’t stand the heat, be prepared for this if you are going to stay there for a very long time. Summer in Dubai is even hotter; it is also windy and humid (108 °F in average). Most people find it to be uncomfortable, but to those who are used to hot weather, they tend to adapt faster.

7.      Habits

Likewise, there are so many people of different nationalities in Dubai. Can you imagine how many types of people that you’ll be dealing with? There are good and bad people; you have to learn to tolerate with others, especially when driving on the road. The road is definitely a place that challenges one’s patience.

8.      Learn to respect

You probably have your own views on certain things and the values practised are also different than the others, especially those from different cultures and backgrounds. If you are not careful with your words, this may lead you to some unwanted actions. Learn to be a good listener and bear in mind that some things are just for you to know; you don’t want to touch on sensitive issues that may put yourself into troubles. Always respect the locals and learn to be patient. If you have to learn to be or behave like the locals, try to do so; but, NEVER compare and downgrade their culture. You don’t want them to tell you to get out from the country, don’t you? So, learn to respect and love each other.

Camels in the desert


When you think of camels, you would think of the desert. These animals have lived in a humid climate for ages and they have also been used as a mode of transportations by the Arabs in the Arab deserts. Camels could bear the hot weather with the help of their big hump, which is used to store fat and water. Camels are indeed amazing survivors and they are able to avoid predators and others that crave for resources. Camels can travel long distances that allow them to take advantage of the maximum number of resources. These omnivores can rehydrate themselves quickly and they can eat just about anything, including vegetation, meat, and bones. Camels are loving animals if you take good care of them but they can be stubborn and angry if they are ill-treated.

Camel racing


Camel racing is a traditional sport, which is practised in the middle-east and this sport is extremely popular in the Emirates. It was formally an informal event that took place in an informal setting, weddings and special events; but, now it has becoming a popular sport, attracting thousands of spectators from all over the world. The race is normally held from October to April (winter months) and a camel race festival at Al Wathba is held every year.

Camel slaughter


Although camels are able to avoid predators, they are still vulnerable to humans. In the middle-east, camels are slaughtered for their meat. Many people find this event as very disturbing; I find it disturbing too.

Camels as pets



Most Arabs tend to be attached to their camels. I am not surprised at all because camels are loving animals after all. However, some believe that camels can be dangerous as pets. There was a case of an unnamed woman from Mitchell, Queensland, Australia whom had died after her pet camel knocked her down to the ground, stomped on her, and then laid on top of her! The police suspects that the camel tried to mate with the 60 years old lady, whom was given the camel as her 60th birthday present. Looks like her birthday gift eventually took off her life. The camel was 10 months old and weighed 152 kg (336 lbs).


For full story, click on this link


For full story, click on this link

Another tragic death of a camel attack is a story of an African shepherd that was killed after the camel went berserk and chased him for several hours before it managed to get him. The 53 years old man was found dead at a farm and he had several bites and kicks. Police said the man died after suffering from serious injuries and bleeding. However, no one knew what actually happened to the angry camel.



Lebanon, also known as Lubnān, is located in the East Mediterranean. It is bordered by Syria and Israel.  This country filled with rich history is populated by people from different religious beliefs and cultures. Lebanon was the home of the Phoenicians, a maritime culture that flourished for almost 2,500 years (3000-539 BC). Due to the fall of the Ottoman Empire after WWII, 5 provinces that comprise modern Lebanon were mandated to France, which then resulted to the population of Maronite, Catholics and Druze. The country achieved its independent in the year 1943, with a political system called the confessionalism. Confessionalism employs a power-sharing mechanism based on religious communities.

Places of visit







People of Lebanon


Lebanese singers

Lebanon has beautiful singers like Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wehbe, Myriam Fares, and Amal Hijazi. These singers have performed in various concerts and they all, produced cool music videos. Nancy Ajram is one of the most famous Lebanese singers and her songs such as Waving Flag and Betfakar Fe Eih have stolen many hearts from all over the world. When you listen to the song called ‘Waving Flag’ by Nancy Ajram feat. K’naan, you will think of football since it was the song of the previous world cup tournament. Haifa wehbe on the other hand is well-known for her sex appeal and beauty that eventually led her to the People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in 2006 list.



“Shisha” is one of the cultures in the Arab world, including Lebanon. Most Lebanese spend time with their friends by having shisha as it helps them to relax, especially during the weekend. However, you can actually see them having Shisha every single day! It’s a pretty normal thing to them. You can choose your preferred flavor, from strawberry to Grape and many more. The smoke will make you sleepy or what we call “high”. The fruity flavor tastes good, which is one of the reasons why people love Shisha so much! You can buy your own Shisha and smoke it at home or perhaps, smoke it when hanging out at the restaurant with your friends while watching a football match.

Weather & Climate

Lebanon is a country with a moderate Mediterranean climate. In some places, winters are very cool and rainy whilst summer is very hot and humid. In more elevated areas, temperatures would usually drop below freezing during the winter with heavy snow cover that remains until early summer on the higher mountaintops. Before you travel to Lebanon, do check on its weather forecast and plan your trip wisely; don’t forget to bring clothes that are suitable for the current or future weather.

Food & Beverages





Travel tips when travelling to Saudi Arabia


Going to Saudi? Make sure you are aware of its local laws & latest news updates!

When travelling to Saudi, you should always be alert to regional developments. It’s good to know what is going on in the country. Bear in mind that alcohol is strictly forbidden. So show some respect when you are visiting this country. As for the women, you are required to wear an abaya, regardless of where you come from, whether you are a local or foreigner.

It is also best to know the best time to visit the country. The best time to visit Saudi Arabia is between November and February.  Unlike the other areas, the Asir mountain areas and Taif are cooler all year. If you are not a Muslim, it is best not to come during Ramadhan as it will be very difficult for you to get a daytime meal since there won’t be any restaurants open during the day, unless you don’t mind to fast along 🙂

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