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A local SIM card for travellers like us

Image Have you ever wished that you could just call back home and share your travel stories with your friends and family? When I travelled to Vietnam early this year, I realised how important a SIM card is to me. Having Internet data was the most important thing for me when I travelled abroad because with it, I can keep in touch with my friends and family. I tell them lots of stories – basically, I talked to them about my travel experiences and how Vietnam was like when I came over to the country. The first thing I did after I passed through the immigration checkpoint was buying a SIM card. I chose Vinaphone SIM card. I got it along with my taxi ticket at the Ho Chi Minh International Airport. I had to face language barrier as I didn”t have any Vietnam language basics. The salesgirls who entertained me were also not very fluent at speaking English. Despite the language problem, I managed to get myself what I wanted and left right after.


Waiting for the taxi was another different story. I got a bit annoyed by everyone because they were impatient. There was a young lady who was responsible to calm everyone down – telling them that the taxi will arrive soon. Some of the travellers were already showing faces to her. Poor girl. I had to wait for quite sometime before I got myself a taxi ride. My hotel wasn’t far from the airport. Thank God. It only took me about 15 minutes before I arrived at my destination.


I checked in at Hon En Hotel – a boutique hotel in Go Vap District. I won’t recommend this hotel to travellers who are planning to stay for a long period of time as it is very far from the city centre. If you had a travel buddy, you can really save up on taxi fare. I didn’t regret for staying at the hotel tho. I just wished that I have tried some other hotels during the rest of my days in Ho Chi Minh. Travelling alone from Go Vap to the city centre was very expensive for me (especially when you had to face dishonest taxi drivers). I was quite depressed for awhile. I felt a little lonely.Ā Luckily, I had a SIM card with me. So, I sent some messages to a friend of mine who is currently living in Ho Chi Minh. His name was Chris and he is from Singapore. Chris and I met up for dinner and he showed me around. He gave me plenty of travel tips too. He also guided me on how to activate Internet data on my SIM card. I can’t believe how cheap Internet data was in Vietnam! I only used up Internet data when I was out from my hotel room. Whenever I stayed in my hotel room, I would use the WiFi instead – the connection was really good!

2 days before I flew back to my country, I felt like my days in Ho Chi Minh was getting a little boring. I would have gone to other places in Vietnam such as Da nang, Na Thrang, etc. However, I had to just explore the places nearby instead due to insufficient funds and very limited time. I was going through some emotional breakdowns (probably due to loneliness as this was my first time travelling alone). I don’t normally travel alone, but I told myself “Why not give it a shot?”. I was not scared when I travelled by my own. I just thought that it would be more exciting if I had a friend with me. I called up my friends via Skype (thanks to good WiFi) and told them about my likings and dislikes of the country. I would love to come back to Vietnam again if I had the chance, but hopefully with a travel friend. Some of my friends suggested me to hangout at the backpackers streets. I did. I went there yet I was not very comfortable hanging out with new people all by myself. I guess my trip to Vietnam was indeed memorable due to the hardship (my 2nd time should be better).

Vietnam has lots of nice people who would help you if you need one. But, it is advisable for any solo traveller to always stay alert and calm. Don’t trust strangers before you really get to know them better! As for me, I met really nice friends while I was in Vietnam. Thank God! šŸ™‚ Because I was travelling alone the whole time, I felt a little bored as I didn’t have anyone to talk to. Thanks to my mobile phone + Internet data, I was able to talk to my friends on just about anything! Few hours before I left Vietnam, I had some difficulties at the airport. I wasn’t sure where to print out my boarding pass. I then realised that there was no boarding pass printing machine at the airport! I was a little upset because the lady who was suppose to entertained me did not bother to help me out with my problem. When a Vietnamese guy came and asked for help, she quickly entertained him and after she helped him out, she then said to me “Hi, how can I help you?” , with a smile on her face. At that time, I just felt like yelling at her and asked her why was she behaving that way. I thought that she probably didn’t want to entertained me because of language barrier, but I then realised that she could speak English all along! I panicked when she didn’t want to entertain me, so I had to text Chris to ask him about the boarding pass printing machine. Upon my return, I sighed and told my friends all my stories – it was a pretty challenging week. Language barrier is a big problem for me when I went to Vietnam. Perhaps I should learn some Vietnamese basics. I can’t expect everyone to speak English after all.

Learning other languages is also a very good and useful effort. I realised that communication is really important when I travel abroad. I am not sure if you all think the same way as I do; I just knew from the veryĀ beginning that I am the kind of person that needs to always stay connected with the world.

There is a travel SIM card that can help travellers like me to skip all the hassles that I went through while I was in Vietnam. Visit I personally like the product and I believe that this product will work well for me. I like to plan before I travel. With this product, I can book my local SIM card before I travel and have my overseas mobile number in advance. I can also top up online and if I have any problems with regards to the service, I can always call its customer support. LocalSIMKad Vietnam is powered by Viettel. I may have chosen Vinaphone on my first visit, but trust me, I’ll pick LocalSIMKad the next time I come over to Vietnam! To find out more, visit

ImageDrop me an ink if you have any questions to ask. Cheers! šŸ™‚


Your roaming solution in South Africa has officially launched its brand new destination, LocalSIMKadā„¢ South Africa yesterday. It is now available on, a booking platform for global travellers to book LocalSIMKadā„¢.

With the new country on board, the team hopes to expand its business to more countries in the future, followed by its upcoming product, International Call Easy (ICE).

For those who are still unclear about LocalSIMKadā„¢, it is another roaming solution that travellers are encouraged to try if they wish to save more on roaming charges. The product may be new, but it has received positive responds after the past few months. Demands are increasing, so is the number of countries offered by

50% discount from Pay half the price

Roaming abroad

To those who are afraid to roam abroad, don’t roam. You’ll only get yourself into trouble for doing that. Imagine yourself paying for your phone bill that costs more than your holiday trip. It’s a disaster! Be a smart traveller today and grab any roaming solution that you can find around.


As for me, I would like to suggest LocalSIMKadā„¢ of your destination. It’s a great product for those who are concerned about their telecommunication when travelling abroad. I am also a traveller, so I myself want to always stay connected with the world. To me, communication is life. Without it, I feel like I am living in a world with nobody but me, myself, and I.

LocalSIMKadā„¢ of your destination is available on This is a booking platform for travellers like you and I to book a LocalSIMKadā„¢. The booking process is easy and user-friendly. You just need to fill out your personal and booking details. As simple as 1,2,3.


With this product, I do not have to roam anymore. What I get is what I pay. I can make and receive calls abroad, without having to pay for any roaming charges. This SIM card is affordable; much cheaper than roaming! The rates follow the country of destination local rates (it is a local SIM card that’s why). I can make calls like a local, even though I am just a tourist! šŸ˜€ is currently organizing its 50% Promo Campaign at Malaysia’s Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). This campaign aims to promote three of its popular destinations, which are Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.


Spend RM30 on a single receipt at any of these stores to redeem 50% off on LocalSIMKadā„¢ Indonesia, Thailand & Singapore:

(i) SIM Emporium (Souvenir store)
(ii) The Zon (Duty Free)
(iii) Dimensi Eksklusif (Perfume & Cosmetic)


You’ll also notice these girls there. They are called the “Pink Babes”. I heard you have to grab a sticker from their T-shirts to get 50% off on a LocalSIMKadā„¢. Sounds pretty easy, huh? If I were you, I’ll definitely head down to LCCT now. Since I’ll be flying to Thailand soon, I might as well get one for myself now šŸ˜€

Check out the video below:

LocalSIMKadā„¢ Malaysia User Experience: From a satisfied customerā€™s point of view

I had a one day trip to KL, with LocalSIMKadā„¢ Malaysia in hand. Now that I am back in Singapore, I could share my travel experience with all smart travellers out there. Overall, I am very impressed with LocalSIMKadā„¢ front line staff.

Well, after I booked myself a LocalSIMKadā„¢ and got my voucher, I changed my flight. I called and I must admit that it was fuss-free; there was no waiting time. They jotted down my details. Then, I was informed by one of the LocalSIMKadā„¢ staffs about my Singapore mobile number. Everything went just fine. My LocalSIMKadā„¢ Malaysia was ready for collection in the morning.

I had difficulties in finding the infamous ā€œPink Boothā€. I thought that Iā€™ll never find it until I received a call from! I was happy and relieved. In fact, the staff who spoke to me was very kind. He walked all the way out and passed the LocalSIMKadā„¢ to me.

Generally, I had the feeling that the team was very helpful and reliable. This is very important to me. Using the service was not difficult at all. Itā€™s really easy. Unfortunately, I could not fit it into my Iphone 4. Therefore, I did not get the chance to try Data roaming.

In short, Iā€™ll definitely recommend this product to my friends and family! I also liked the brochure that came along with the LocalSIMKadā„¢ package. Nice!

Anyway, keep up the friendly service. It builds customer loyalty. Thank you!

Enjoy Homemade Snail Kebab!

A luxurious yet easy to make dish, Snail kebab is definitely a must try one!

This crunchy and mouth-watering dish will make you forget that you are actually eating snails for tea time! This light dish is consumed in many parts of Nigeria and although snails can be expensive, Snail Kebab should and must be in your eating list!

To prepare it, make sure you have all of these ingredients:

8 seasoned snails (you can also in on some spices too)

1/2 cup of vegetable oil for frying

5 Fresh Tomatoes, chopped

1 Green Pepper, squared

1 Paprika, squared

I Onion bulb, squared

3 Kebab Sticks


(i)Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Cut the snails equally (into half)

(ii)Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Pour some oil in a small pot and fry the chopped tomatoes for about 2 minutes

(iii)Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Put in the seasoned snails into the small pot and then stir for about 7 minutes

(iv)Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Add in some salt and other seasonings

(v)Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Drain out and leave to cool

Once it is ready, stick in the cooked ingredients in a kebab stick. Arrange them nicely (one after another, equally for each stick). Lastly, place the ready to serve Snail Kebab on a plate. You can serve it with soft drink or a hot cup of tea. Cheers!

Charges from hellĀ 

If there is one type of bill that we donā€™t ever want to deal with if possible, roaming bill is the right one. You should never pay for this bill! Lots of travellers are facing the dilemma of having to pay for roaming charges, both intentionally and unintentionally. If you could choose not to pay for roaming bills, the answer is most likely ā€œDefinitely!ā€ Believe it or not, roaming charges are bad for your health. You donā€™t ever want to get the shock of your life when you look at the figure stated on your phone bill!

Many people laughed over the matter, but learned to regret later. Donā€™t put yourself into the thousand dollars situation; save yourself as much as we want to save you. Roaming charges awareness is so important; not just it help you to save yourself from getting a heart attack, it also protects your money from walking away from you!

Take this story as a good example:

Michelle Higgins wrote a story of a Verizon customer who travelled around Jamaica and ended up getting a roaming bill of $11,000, for the sake of trying and unsuccessfully to text and check email. The amount was then reduced to $2,500, yet it did not do much for the unfortunate customer, which in the end led to a case negotiation. This sneaky and excessive roaming fees have bitten not just one, but millions of travellers around the world; all because of the lack of awareness about the matter.

Some took precautions. But, the mobile criminal struck again. One time, a traveller switched off his roaming feature of his mobile phone when travelling overseas. Seemed harmless, but whatā€™s about to bite him next was going to be a nightmare. He made a quick phone call upon arrival and planned to use only WI-FI during his travel. Surprisingly, a text message arrived few hours later that says ā€œYour roaming charges are now $205.00ā€. How was that even possible? Only one phone call was made, yet the charges are exorbitant! An hour later, the traveller called his provider, T-mobile. He was then told that his bill had reached $500! How did that happen? The answer to the mystery is that even if your cell phone is switched on, data is still being delivered and the mobile phone owner will be charged even if he or she does not use his or her phone.

Yes, roaming charges can be a nightmare if you donā€™t keep your eye on them. Always make sure that you:

  • Ā·Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Switch off data roaming on your mobile phone; if you need to use the Internet, make sure you are in a Wi-Fi zone
  • Ā·Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Seek for consultation from your provider on how to turn off data roaming from your phone
  • Ā· Ā  Ā  Ā Ā Fully understand what roaming charges are and how they can affect your life
  • Ā· Ā  Ā  Always get LocalSIMKadā„¢ of your destination, which is available on!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_454/image.jpgĀ 

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