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KL Pedestrian tunnels


A friend of mine, Hussein, came over to Kuala Lumpur recently and I was his tour guide of the day. Another friend of mine by the name of Gaby was also with us. We went around the city to take photos of the national mosque, Islamic Art Building and many more. When heading back to the KL train station (KTM), I was begging them not to take me back to the pedestrian tunnel because I just had a really bad feeling about that place.


Upon our arrival to the KL train station, we walked to one of the pedestrian tunnels that are available in the city. The first tunnel that we passed through was super creepy and dark. It looks pretty abandoned as well. I don’t think that anyone actually walks through it now as it has no lights (it looks like a place where zombies live) -that was how it creepy it was to be honest. I was too freaked out and had to have my friends to hold my hands! Hussein was pretty confident, but Gaby and I felt like we just had the shock of our lives. I told Hussein that was the first and the last time I will ever walk through that eerie place. Gaby said he could feel an unpleasant feeling when he walked through it. I also experienced the same feeling, but I did not say anything about it until I got out of the tunnel. Well, that was the first tunnel. I don’t have any photos of this tunnel.


We took another tunnel to get back to the station. This tunnel got us out to the KTM station main entrance. The tunnel was much better than the first one that we took; at least there were lights switched on. There was another man walking with us too, and he walked as fast as he could. He probably knew about the history behind the tunnel’s isolation. None of us knew until one of my colleagues told me about it. I was curious, so I went on Google and searched for the news. My colleague was right; there is a history behind the tunnel’s isolation after all.

Pedestrian tunnesl were built for pedestrians due to the increasing of traffic around the city. The government thought that it was a good idea to help the pedestrians as many offices are located around these busy roads. Unfortunately, most pedestrians choose not to cross these tunnels although surveillance cameras are available in all of these tunnels. A news that shocked the whole country was the rape and murder case, involving a young Indian school girl. She was raped and then brutally killed in one of these tunnels. There are still school children and working adults crossing these tunnels yet the numbers have declined over the past few years. Ladies especially would avoid these tunnels as there were also robbery and snatch theft that occurred here. The tunnels smell like piss and some do not even have lights! (how do you expect a rationale person to walk through it?) I took the risk merely for the experience and thank God nothing happened to me. I will never cross through it if I was alone; I think that’s just stupid, especially when crime rates are getting worse each day. This does not just happen in Malaysia, but also in other countries. Wherever you go, you must always be careful and never take your safety for granted.

pejalan kaki_berita_latest

Surveillance cameras have also proven that not many locals choose to use the tunnels. Most of the pedestrians that cross through these tunnels are amongst tourists who probably never knew about the rape and murder case that happened in one of these tunnels. The government no longer builds pedestrian tunnels at the city since tunnels are not pedestrians’ first choice; they rather cross the road and that is perfectly understandable.

I would like to advise everyone to not cross through these pedestrian tunnels when alone. If you have to go through them, make sure that you walk in groups. As people are getting more inhuman in today’s world, it is wise for everyone to always be careful of his/her surroundings, and I have always trusted and listened to my natural instinct. If you feel that something is wrong, you’re probably right.


Watch Water Puppets in Hanoi!


The Water Puppets show is one of Hanoi’s must-watch shows. Unlike other puppet shows, the puppets used for this show seem to be dancing over the water. This show is depicted from a tradition that originated from the villages of the Red River Delta area in northern Vietnam.

The rural Vietnamese used to believe that their lives were controlled by spirits and water puppet shows were one of the ways to satisfy these spirits. The spirits must always be pleased as they have the power to control all aspect of the villagers’ lives back then. This art form is performed in North Vietnam. It was of course, stage around Vietnam at first but soon received world’s attention. The popular venues displaying this art are the Thăng Long Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi and the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater in Saigon.

The background music of this art form is the traditional Vietnamese orchestra; the instruments used are drums, wooden bells,cymbals, horns, gongs and bamboo flutes. The plot of the story is told by the movements of the puppets. You can hear some yelling too and this is done when a puppet is in danger or when a word of encouragement is thrown to a puppet in need.

The show runs for about 50 minutes and you’ll get to buy tickets for different show times. The entrance fee would cost you about 100, 000 dong each.

The Riyadh’s Iraq Hospital, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia has its very own spooky stories and one of them is about the corridors and gloomy wards of an abandoned Saudi Arabian hospital that have drawn many ghost hunters who believe it to be haunted by jinn. The Riyadh’s Iraq Hospital that used to treat Gulf War soldiers in 1991 has been broken by hundreds of youths; they even set a fire to the building! There were several videos that were filmed here too, where many experienced paranormal activities.

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