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What a fancy toilet seat at Borneo Rainforest, Bandar Sunway

I had my dinner at Borneo Rainforest Restaurant at Bandar Sunway, Malaysia. After drinking a glass of Ice lemon tea, I just I had to use the bathroom. To my surprise, the toilet seat was pretty fancy! I loved it -it’s something unusual as I don’t have anything like that at home. Perhaps I should get one for myself 😀



Condom machine; don’t try without consent


Surprisingly, this is a condom machine that can be found in one of the pubs in the UK!

Dine in with your dog at the Chew Chew restaurant in Sydney


In Australia, there is a restaurant for all dog lovers out there! ‘Chew Chew’, is a restaurant in Sydney that provides delicious meals for your dogs, from beef steak to fish soup. The restaurant has caught lots of attention and people from all over the country have been taking their dogs for a visit to this unique place to dine. Dogs are behaving more like humans these days; dogs normally drink water but here, you can serve your dogs with coffee or tea for a change! If you live far from this place, don’t worry; you can purchase Chew Chew’s products online.

The restaurant’s owner, Naoko Okamoto, told The Sydney Morning Herald that a lot of dog owners have long for a restaurant like this; this is how they express their appreciation and love for their pets. She said “I started with organic dog biscuits and supplements and selling them at the markets and spent three years finding out the customers’ needs”.


Like them on Facebook today! p/s they also have parties for your pets=p



Lebanon, also known as Lubnān, is located in the East Mediterranean. It is bordered by Syria and Israel.  This country filled with rich history is populated by people from different religious beliefs and cultures. Lebanon was the home of the Phoenicians, a maritime culture that flourished for almost 2,500 years (3000-539 BC). Due to the fall of the Ottoman Empire after WWII, 5 provinces that comprise modern Lebanon were mandated to France, which then resulted to the population of Maronite, Catholics and Druze. The country achieved its independent in the year 1943, with a political system called the confessionalism. Confessionalism employs a power-sharing mechanism based on religious communities.

Places of visit







People of Lebanon


Lebanese singers

Lebanon has beautiful singers like Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wehbe, Myriam Fares, and Amal Hijazi. These singers have performed in various concerts and they all, produced cool music videos. Nancy Ajram is one of the most famous Lebanese singers and her songs such as Waving Flag and Betfakar Fe Eih have stolen many hearts from all over the world. When you listen to the song called ‘Waving Flag’ by Nancy Ajram feat. K’naan, you will think of football since it was the song of the previous world cup tournament. Haifa wehbe on the other hand is well-known for her sex appeal and beauty that eventually led her to the People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in 2006 list.



“Shisha” is one of the cultures in the Arab world, including Lebanon. Most Lebanese spend time with their friends by having shisha as it helps them to relax, especially during the weekend. However, you can actually see them having Shisha every single day! It’s a pretty normal thing to them. You can choose your preferred flavor, from strawberry to Grape and many more. The smoke will make you sleepy or what we call “high”. The fruity flavor tastes good, which is one of the reasons why people love Shisha so much! You can buy your own Shisha and smoke it at home or perhaps, smoke it when hanging out at the restaurant with your friends while watching a football match.

Weather & Climate

Lebanon is a country with a moderate Mediterranean climate. In some places, winters are very cool and rainy whilst summer is very hot and humid. In more elevated areas, temperatures would usually drop below freezing during the winter with heavy snow cover that remains until early summer on the higher mountaintops. Before you travel to Lebanon, do check on its weather forecast and plan your trip wisely; don’t forget to bring clothes that are suitable for the current or future weather.

Food & Beverages





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