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Gunung Gading: Home of the Rafflesia


Located in Borneo Sarawak, Gunung Gading is a great place for both nature lovers and jungle trekkers to truly feel the park’s natural surroundings. Home to a range of wildlife such as the civet cat, wild boar, giant squirrels and many more, Gunung Gading is also home to one of the biggest flowers in the world – the Rafflesia.

Rafflesia is a parasitic plant that can be found in Borneo. It is known that there are 17 species of Rafflesia, with some being extinct already. However, 3 species can be found in Borneo Sarawak, which are Rafflesia Pricei, Rafflesia Arnoldi and Rafflesia Tuan-Mudae. The only one that can be found in Gunung Gading is the Rafflesia Tuan-Mudae. Rafflesia

Tourists from all around the world would come over to Gunung Gading to witness the plant blooms. The best time to watch this amazing process is during the wetter months, sometime around November to February. It is best to seek for advice from the park’s staff about the best time to visit Gunung Gading if you wish to watch the plant blooms.

There are waterfalls and streams nearby, where you will get to sit down and relax, surrounded by nature. Those who wish to go for jungle trekking are free to explore the forest, as long as they watch out for themselves as wild animals also live there, but most of them live at the upper slopes of the park’s mountains. There are also villages that surround the park. Therefore, in case of emergency, there is always help nearby.

Some of the best waterfalls in Asia

1. The Nachi Falls in India

The Nachi Falls is claimed to be the highest waterfall in Japan at 133m. The waterfall is beautified with shrines, pagoda, and temples; reason to all these is due to the belief that the Nachi waterfall is a holy place in that particular area.  You’ll get to enjoy an awesome view from the top of the cliff.

2. Nohkalikai Falls in India


The Nohkalikai Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. According to a legend, a woman named Ka Likai remarried. But, her new husband was jealous of her love for her daughter. While Ka Likai was out working, her new husband killed her daughter and cooked her flesh into a meal. Her husband didn’t tell her the truth and before she went out, she decided to eat. After eating, she found her daughter’s fingers in the betel-nut basket. In despair, Ka Likai threw herself off this cliff giving the falls its name: “Fall of Ka Likai”

3. The Huangguoshu Waterfall in China


The Huangguoshu Waterfall, which means “Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall”, is perhaps one of China’s most famous waterfalls; many people love to visit this place since it is also one of the biggest waterfalls in the country. Situated 45km southwest of Anshun City, this waterfall is classified as a AAAAA scenic aread by the China National Tourism Administration. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see beautiful rainbows that appear in the mist above the Rhinoceros Pool near the falls.

 4. The Mae Ya Waterfall


The Mae Ya Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Thailand, making it as the pride of the Chiang Mai province. It’s big, about 260m tall and up to 100m wide. The Mae Ya waterfall is about 14km from the Chorn Thong Village. People spend good times with their families here and they can also choose to go to the shallow pool at the bottom of the natural landmark. There are parking lots for you if you wish to park your car.

5. The Unchalli Falls in India


The Unchalli Falls or sometimes known as the Lushington Falls is perhaps one of India’s most amazing waterfalls. Check out its water and its unusual shape. You will also notice that there are stairs that will lead you to a sheltered platform, where you get to check out beautiful scenery of the place. If you’re lucky, you might see a rainbow too. Oh, I saw one in the picture!

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